Our Mentor Training also referred to as Pre-Service training is offered to accepted and screened mentors who are ready to be matched. It is a required training for all mentors and cover the following topics:

  • Communication Skils Development: Effective communication skills form the very fore of any successful mentoring relationship. Without the ability to communicate effectively through active listening and personal sharing, mentoring relationships fail to achieve the bond that leads to positive outcomes. Mentors will be trained on listening skills, verbal and non verbal communication, and sharing personal information.


  • Diversity Training:Mentoring relationships often pair individuals from very different cultural backgrounds, age groups, and socioeconomic situations. Mentors will be trained on respecting differences, valuing diversity and cultural sensitivity.


  • Youth Development:Mentors benefit from having an understanding of what constitutes positive youth development. Mentors will be provided with a basic understanding of the needs of youth in our program and the strategies youth and mentors might employ to address these needs.


  • Crisis Management and Networks of Support: Mentors will be provided with in depth  training on how to identify potential problems or crisis situations that may come up during the match and their limitations as volunteers to help in certain situations.