You're here because you believe the arts are the highest form of human expression. They describe beauty, speak to our soul, engage and enrage. They celebrate our community’s diversity and etch our shared experience. The arts inspire - Knights Arts Challenge

You are also here because you believe you can make a significant impact the future of our youth and expose them to wonderful experiences.

You are here because you are ready to give back to the community and share your success with impressionable mentees who are yearning for leadership and role models.

Inspire our Mentees by channeling 1)Your enthusiasm for arts 2) Beliving in their future as our next generation 3) Desiring to share with our young ones your motivation and path to success by making a one year commitment (4 hours a month) to our Cultural Arts Mentoring Program.

"Yes, Yes, I want to Mentor! What exactly will I do? How long is the Program?"

Our year long Mentoring Program is unique in that it is driven by Cultural Arts Awareness. 

Social Butterfly Foundation Mentoring Program helps foster Cultural Arts by partnering with our local Community Art Centers to sponsor monthly outings with Mentors & Mentees.

With your help, we can create awareness in the importance of Arts education, provide personal encounters between diverse individuals and expose our mentors to the rich talent within our community.

Once a month, we ask that Mentors support our initiatives by taking mentees to sponsored events that are hosted by our community partners.

Examples of Sponsored Outings: 

Museum / Art Exhibits, Jazz Encounters, Dance Concerts, Theatrical, Performances, Dining Experiences

Our 12 month mentoring program runs concurrently with each mentees' Arts Appreciation curriculum.

During Arts Appreciation, Mentees participate in introductory educational classes sponsored by our performing arts community. Unlike the other components of our curriculum, Arts Appreciation take place off-site from our Mentees training base. Therefore we seek the support of mentors to assist with transportation to:

Theatre Workshops / Classes, Dance Workshops, Music Lessons, Art Lessons, Creative Writing