LaKeacha M Jett, M.Ed and Erika Dates have developed a wonderful self esteem curriculum.

Social Butterfly Foundation, Inc. will incorporate and support their philosophies within the self esteem building component of our program.

Self Esteem 36 Week Curriculum Overview: 

Alignment with National Educational Standards

Focuses on the physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological development and well-being of girls.

Unit objectives are correlated to most State Standards

Lessons are aligned with School Districts' objectives for reading and writing.

Objectives include all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy

Hands-on activities are based on Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Easy to use Leaders Guide for leaders.

Twelve Units with thirty-six Lesson Plans

Twelve Community Service Projects with a choice of three different activities

Self Esteem Affirmation

A consumable Activity Book

A consumable journal

Technology integration in each lesson

Graphic Organizers throught the Activity Book

A selection of Book Club novels and discussion questions to encourage reading.

Fun & Easy way to build self esteem while increasing readig and Writing skills.