Our 4 week Etiquette Program Overview:

Social Etiquette is an entertaining and educational etiquette program in manners, poise and style that empowers young ladies to achieve their maximum potential by building confidence in their social skills. We focus on:

Visual Poise: Good Posture, How to Stand, Proper Sitting Positions, Walking Gracefully, Pivoting

Social Etiquette: Introducing yourself to others, The Art of Conversation, Telephone Manners, Interviewing, Correspondence and Thank-You Notes 

Personal Grooming and Style: The Power of Presence, The Art of Dressing, How to Use Color, Line and Details - Beauty From The Inside Out - Wardrobe Inventory

Table Etiquette: How To Properly Set A Table,  Use of Each Utensil, How to Eat Certain Foods,   Tipping , Being a Gracious Guest & Hostess , Five-Course Dinner Instruction



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