Social challenges are widely varied and exist for a multitude of reasons, but despite the cause, all children want to be accepted by their peers. 

Once these challenges are clearly understood with appropriate assessment,  interventions can be prescribed to help to empower children for a successful journey through life more effectively.

Our Social Skills component is a  12 Week Program. Through the combination of our Social Skills Training Curriculums adopted from Dr. Jed E. Baker, Social Skills Training for Children,  Deborah C. Beidel's Social Effectiveness Therapy for Children & Adolecents , and mental helath professionals leading group sessions, our participants will be taught how to earn peer acceptance, initiate friendships, and act appropriately so that others will want to engage their company and prepare them socially for their metamorphic journey ahead.

Self Image Improved

Only giving Compliments

Completing Tasks

Ignoring Distractions

Anger dealt with

Less aggression


Seatwork and homework done

Keep following classroom rules

Ingoring teasing

Leave a troublesome situation

Learning to accept consequences

Staying out of fights